Monday, January 14, 2013

Israel's Definition of a Ceasefire‏

Mustafa Abu Jarad, in hospital shortly before he died (photo: Desde Palestina)

Beit Lahiya, Gaza Strip
Monday 14th January

Just three days after the fatal shooting of Anwar Al-Malouk near 
Jabalia, the Israeli military has murdered another Palestinian 
civilian despite a supposed ceasefire being in place. Mustafa Abu 
Jarad, 20, was one of a group of farm labourers working on a plot of 
land in an area north of Beit Lahiya in the very north of the Gaza 
Strip, over a kilometre away from the border fence.

From the border, the Israeli army began firing heavily in their 
direction, causing them to flee the area. Later, when the situation 
had calmed, they returned to work believing it was safe to do so. 
Suddenly a single shot targeted Mustafa directly in the forehead. 
Witnesses say it was sniper fire from an Israeli military watchtower 
on the border. With this level of pinpoint accuaracy, the Israeli 
sniper must have had a clear enough view of Mustafa to be able to 
identify him as a civilian farmer.

The bullet went straight through Mustafa's head leaving a massive exit 
wound. He was rushed to Kamal Adwan Hospital in the north of the Gaza 
Strip but was quickly transferred to Al Shifa, Gaza's main hospital, 
due to the severity of his injuries. He arrived in a critical 
condition and underwent emergency surgery to remove bone fragments 
from the remaining part of his brain and to relieve internal bleeding. 
Unfortunately, he had sustained a massive brain trauma and his 
prognonis was bleak. He died in the ICU a few hours after the 
operation as his family anxiously waited for news.

Mustafa's older brother, Loay, was killed two and a half months ago 
whilst active with the Palestinian resistance. Mustafa had no 
involvement with the resistance himself. He was trying to earn a 
little extra income for his family whilst he completed his studies. 
The latest attacks increase the number of Palestinian casualties since 
the ceasefire announcement to more than 30, according to officials in 

To further flout the ceasefire agreement, several Israeli military 
vehicles were reported to have breached the border with Gaza this 
morning in an agricultural area east of Khan Younis in the south of 
the Gaza Strip (Ma'an News Agency). After continual violations of the 
November ceasefire, committed by the Israeli military against 
Palestinian civilians, the question remains:

When will the international community take notice - and furthermore 
take action - to prevent an escalation of bloodshed?

Photo courtesy of Desde Palestina: