Monday, January 14, 2013

IOF Opens Fire Northwest of Beit Lahiya, One Person Killed

Al Mezan


At approximately 2:30 pm on Monday 14 January 2013, Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) opened fire at a number of young Palestinian men who were about 100 meters away from the separation fence between Gaza Strip and Israel northwest of Beit Lahiya in North Gaza district. As a result, Mustafa Abdel Hakeem Abu Jarad, 19, sustained a bullet wound in the head. Medical sources at Kamal Odwan Hospital described his injury as critical and referred him to Shifa Hospital in Gaza. At approximately 7:15 pm on the same day, medical sources announced his death.
In his affidavit to Al Mezan, Saddam Jamal Warsh Agha, Abu Jarad’s friend, stated that at around midday on Monday his friend Mustafa Abu Jarad came to visit him at his field. While they were setting in the field a number of young Palestinian men came. At around 1:00 pm he heard shooting and saw sand scattered around him and his friend. He heard his friend calling him and telling him to lie down and he did. His friend Abu Jarad crunched. Saddam added that he saw his friend falling on the ground and bleeding from head. He tried to let his friend say Shehada (truthfully reciting the Muslim profession and faith and also worshiping the one and only god Allah and his messenger Mohammed) but he was bleeding and could not say it.  His brother called ambulance and Abu Jarad went to ask people to help them. Abu Jarad managed to get a car to carry his friend to the hospital.