Monday, March 22, 2010

IOF Attack east Gaza, injure 8


At app. 11:50pm on Monday 22 March 2010, an Israeli jet fired a missile on agricultural land belonging to Usama Zimo. The land is located on the Al Nakhil street in the At-Tufah neighborhood, east Gaza City. As a result, four cement-roofed rooms, built on that land, were destroyed and a water well and pump. Ten adjacent houses were also partially damaged in this attack as well as the Ash-Shija'aia Preparatory School. Eight persons were injured due to the glass from the windows that smashed in the surrounding houses. Al Mezan identified their names as follows:
Khawla Jehad Al Kahlout, 28;
Alaa Sa'ed Karem, 16;
Ruba Sa'ed  Karem, 12;
Yasser Naim Hijazi, 25;
Akram Al Faiomi, 21;
Nahedh Khalil Abu Amsha, 45;
Mohammed Nahedh Abu Amsha, 19; and
Abed Anis Marzouq, 62.