Sunday, February 12, 2012

Israeli airstrikes kill 1, injure 3 in Gaza

Palestinians survey the damage to an animal farm after an Israeli airstrike east
of Gaza City, Feb. 12, 2012. An Israeli air strike on the Gaza Strip killed
a 69-year-old civilan on Sunday, hospital officials said, and the military
described the operation as retaliation for a cross-border rocket launch.
(REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa)

GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Israeli warplanes killed an elderly man in the central Gaza Strip overnight Saturday, in a series of airstrikes across Gaza that injured three others. Palestinian medics said 69-year-old Abdul-Karim Az-Zaytouna was killed and two others were injured when warplanes bombed steel sheds near the Zaytoun neighborhood of Gaza City. Israeli forces also targeted sites in the southern Gaza Strip, injuring one near Khan Younis when a missile landed in an open area. A house belonging to the Imteir familiy was shelled east of Rafah, causing severe damage, but no reported injuries. An Israeli military statement said the strikes targeted a "terror tunnel and a weapon manufacturing facility in the northern Gaza Strip, a terror tunnel in the central Gaza Strip and an additional terror tunnel in the southern Gaza Strip." It said the strikes were in response to a rocket fired from Gaza that caused light injuries to a woman when it hit Israel's Hof Ashkelon district on Saturday.



Israeli Aircraft Attacks Cattle Farm; One Person Killed

At approximately 11:55 pm on Saturday 11 February 2012, an Israeli aircraft fired a missile targeting a cattle farm east of the car market in Az-Zaitoun neighborhood, Gaza City.  As a result, Abdel Kareem Ibrahim Az-Zaitouniya, 72, was killed.  He was from Ad-Daraj neighborhood and worked as a guard at the farm.  The guard room was destroyed in the attack, which left a large hole in the earth; Az-Zaitouniya was found dead under the rubble; residents had to use a bulldozer to unearth him.  Mohammed Az-Zaitouniya, 22, who was visiting his father, sustained bruises.  The asbestos-roofed farm, which is owned by Iyad Abdel Hadi Rajab, 43, was destroyed.  11 sheep, nine cows, and 60 poultry birds were killed.  An adjacent house sustained partial damaged in the attack.