Thursday, February 11, 2010

IOF Penetrate Northwest Beit Lahyia and Arrest Palestinian Workers


At approximately 7am on Thursday 11 February 2010, Israeli infantry troops penetrated about 200m inside the As-Saiafa area northwest Beith Lahyia in the North Gaza District.  The IOF chased a group of Palestinian workers who were removing rubble from the area and arrested 6 of them, and took them to Israel. Al Mezan Identified their names as follows:  
·         Ghassan Rajab Mohammed Ma'arouf,34; and his two brothers;
·         Khamis Mohammed Rajab Ma'arouf, 29;
·         Jebril Mohammed Rajab Ma'arouf,18;
·         Rajab Mohammed Rajab Ma'arouf,18;
·         Nael Mansour Faraj Tamboura,34;
·         Aziz Ayish Tawfeeq As-Sous,34. 
At app. 4pm on the same day, the IOF released them after interrogated them. According to Al Mezan's field investigations, the IOF has escalated its attacks against the Palestinian workers who were removing the rubble of destroyed buildings. These workers collect rubble to sell it to brick factories which recycle it into bricks. This is the only source of bricks for construction that is available in the Gaza Strip, which suffers from an acute shortage of construction materials due the Israeli siege