Thursday, February 18, 2010


At app. 12:30pm on Sunday 18 February 2010, four Israeli tanks and two bulldozers moved about 550 meters inside the As-Salqa Valley Village. The Israeli bulldozers leveled the agricultural lands there. At app. 4pm on the same day, the IOF withdrew from that area.
According to the field investigation conducted by Al Mezan Center for Human Rights, the IOF leveled agricultural lands in the south of the dump area. The IOF leveled:
·         a three-donum area of agricultural land planted with olives trees, owned by Jehan Abdel Aziz Abu Maghasieb,31; and
·         a three-donum area of  agricultural land planted with almond trees, owned by Abdel Hadi Hasan Salim Abu Maghasieb. 43