Thursday, May 21, 2009

Harvest in the Automated Kill Zone, Part 1 - Khoza'a 21/05/2009

Khoza'a, East of Khan Younis, The Gaza Strip, Palestine, 21st May 2009

Farmers from Khoza'a in the southern Gaza Strip and human rights workers from the International Solidarity Movement harvest wheat in the "buffer zone".

Israeli soldiers, as a matter of policy and from positions on their side of the Green Line, shoot at anyone within this area of the strip. The border area in Khoza'a - like much of the Gaza Strip's boundaries - is further blighted by the presence of automated sentry-guns mounted in huge pill boxes. The guns are fitted with cameras and are remotely controlled by Israeli operators at computer terminals miles away.

The sentry guns and their placement are designed to create an automated kill zone running along the border.