Sunday, March 28, 2010

Palestinian Medical Teams Find a Dead Body in Abssan Village east of Khan Younis


At app. 6pm on Sunday 28 March 2010, medical teams from the Palestinian Red Crescent Society found the dead body of Suliman Abdel Hakem Arafat, 22, 400 meters away from the eastern separation fence, in east Abssan village, east of Khan Younis. Arafat was shot by several bullets in the head and the chest. His family lost contact with him during the Israeli incursion inside Abssan village. When the IOF withdrew from Abssan village, they opened fire on Palestinians who were trying to find potentially injured people in agricultural lands near the borders. As a result, a child was injured and another young man was killed. Al Mezan identified their names as follows:
Abed Rabbu Abu Anza,17, was shot in the shoulder; and escaped from the area; and
Haitham Abdel Hakeem Aref Arafat, 20, was shot and injured trying to find his son who was believed to be injured during the Israeli incursion.
Later, medical sources at Nasir Hospital in Khan Younis, announced the death of Haitham who died from  his injuries.