Monday, March 15, 2010

Free Gaza: farmers rally to protest Israel's buffer zone

Free Palestine on FACEBOOK:

undreds of Palestinians and international solidarity activists joined the weekly challenge to the enforced no-go zone in the northern Gaza Strip on Tuesday, walking out toward the border wall, which has a 150-700meter 'buffer' patrolled by the Israeli military.

The rally, organized by the popular campaign against the separation fence in Gaza, gathered at the Agricultural College and walked together toward the Erez crossing. Participants chanted slogans opposing the buffer zone, which eats into 15% of the available agricultural land in Gaza, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

The march, usually held each week on Mondays, was postponed following International Women's Day.

According to Sabir Zaanin, the campaigns coordinator, the weekly rally is an expression of refusal for Israels decision to create a buffer zone on Gazas borders. The rally also unites Palestinian efforts to focus struggle against occupation, he said.

Senior leader with the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine Salih Zeidan delivered a speech during the rally, stating the necessity to resist the Israeli occupation. We are rallying here to express refusal of the buffer zone on Gaza boarders, he said.


video by Syria Sat 100309 [LinkTV/Mosaic]