Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Incentives for farmers to return to reclaimed land in the Gaza Strip boundary areas

10.06.09 - 14:12

Hiba Lama for PNN - Farmers in Gaza have lost thousands of dunams of land due to confiscation by Israeli forces.

A further loss is incurred when land nearby that which has been subjected to theft is deserted due to destruction and danger. A project to create jobs is being organized by the Agricultural Relief organization in Gaza, providing work for the many farmers in the region who lost land through confiscation along the boundary area.

Director of projects and cooperation in Agricultural Relief, Ahmed Sourani said today that the aim is to support Palestinian farmers and to motivate them to return to and reinvest in their lands. The project provides farmers with the most basic of agricultural supplies and tools, which can then lead to replanting and rehabilitation of agricultural land and to more security for the future.

This strategy gives priority to those who have lost their agricultural land within the first 500 meters bordering the fence.

Agricultural Relief’s project, according to Sourani, will include the rehabilitation of thousands of dunams of the agricultural sector in many different regions in Gaza. Afflicted areas being specifically focused on include Beit Lahia, Beit Hanoun, Jabalia and southeastern Rafah.

The operation includes the participation of hundreds of farmers, eventually leading to a reclaiming of the land and the continued provision of employment.