Tuesday, May 4, 2010

IOF Open Fire on Two Palestinian Deportees at Erez Crossing


At app. 12:50pm on Tuesday 4 May 2010, Israeli occupation forces (IOF) opened fire on two Palestinian deportees while they were near the Erez crossing protesting against their expulsion. Ahmed Oda Abu Shalouf, 42, and Farid Mohammed Sha'ban, 31, went to Erez crossing and asked the IOF to open the crossing and to allow them to go to their families in the West Bank. Whenever the deportees got close to the fence the IOF opened sporadic fire on them. 
At app.1:30pm on the same day, Israeli authorities informed the Palestinian Coordination and Liaison Office that the area near the Erez crossing was a closed military area and all Palestinians should leave the area. Therefore the staff of the Palestinian Coordination and Liaison office, Palestinian travelers and taxi drivers left the area. The two deportees did not leave the area and continued their protest. At app. 5pm on the same day, the two deportees left the area.