Friday, May 21, 2010

IOF Open Fire on Palestinians and Kill Two Palestinians


At app. 1:20pm on Friday 21 May 2010, armed clashes erupted between Israeli occupation forces and two armed Palestinians who reached the separation fence east of the Al Fraheen neighborhood, east of Khan Younis. The clash continued for several minutes. The clash ended when the IOF announced the death of the two Palestinians. The whereabouts of the two dead bodies  was unknown.
At app. 4pm on the same day, Israeli tanks and bulldozers moved about 800 meters in the same area. Israeli bulldozers leveled agricultural lands planted with olives, palms trees and vegetables. The Israeli tanks also destroyed a one storey house that was under construction and  is about 185 square meters belonging to Harb Mohammed Salim Qdeh, 60.  The IOF also destroyed an unused chicken farm belonging to Jabr Qdeh.
At app. 2am on Saturday 22 May 2010, the IOF, with coordination with the International Committee of the Red Cross, delivered the two dead bodies to Palestinian medical teams at the Al Fraheen gate.  The two dead bodies were shot in different parts of the body. The bodies were identified as follows:
·         Adel Abdel Karem Abu Daqa,17, and
·         Hamdi Adel Ali Abu Hamd,16