Friday, April 17, 2009

Israeli army opens fire at int'l pacifists' rally northern Gaza, no injuries

Gaza, April 17, 2009 (Ramattan) – The Israeli army opened fire on Friday towards a rally of international pacifists in supporting for the Palestinian farmers north of Gaza, Ramattan reporter said.

"While we were filming the international peace activists helping the Palestinian farmers in Bait Hanon city, the Israeli soldiers opened heavy fire at us," Ramattan reporter indicated.

No injuries or damages were reported.
Earlier on Thursday, the Israeli warplanes struck a Palestinian empty house in the central Gaza Strip, no causalities were reported.

Israeli troops fire on Beit Hanoun NGO workers, farmers
Date: 17 / 04 / 2009 Time: 12:46

Gaza - Ma’an - Israeli forces opened fire on members of an international solidarity NGO in the northern Gaza Strip town of Beit Hanoun Friday morning.

The NGO, called Local Initiative, sent members on a mission to observe and assist a wheat harvest in the northern Gaza Strip. When they neared the wheat fields abutting the border fence Israeli troops opened fire.

Members of the NGO said no one was hurt, but the harvest has been aborted.

The initiative sought to collect local resources as crossings into the Gaza Strip have been letting a minimum of aid and consumer goods into the area since the Israeli war on the area. The aid has slowed to a trickle during the Jewish Passover holiday.

Israeli Occupation Forces open fire on International Solidarity NGO members