Sunday, February 16, 2014

IOF Kills One and Injures 18 East of Jabaliya

Al Mezan


On Thursday and Friday, 13 and 14 February, 2014, Israeli occupation forces (IOF) killed one man and injured 18 people including four children. The attacks raise the death toll to 47 since the beginning of 2014, of which 7 were children. Al Mezan Center for Human Rights calls on the international community to intervene to protect civilians and ensure the respect of international humanitarian law principles in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt).
At approximately 2:15 pm on Friday, 14 February, 2014, the IOF fired live ammunition and launched tear gas at tens of Palestinian youth and children who were near the separation fence east of the Islamic Cemetery east of Jabaliya, in the North Gaza district. The shooting continued until 6:00 pm. Of the 17 people injured in the attack, four were children. Nine people sustained injuries from live ammunition, one person sustained injuries from a rubber bullet, six people were injured by tear gas canisters, and one person suffered asphyxiation due to tear gas inhalation.
Just one day prior at approximately 2:30 pm on Thursday, 13 February, 2014, IOF opened fire at Ibrahim Salman Mansour, 35, and Rafeq Baker Al Houli, 21, while they were collecting rubble in the Malaka area east of Az-Zaitoun neighborhood, east of Gaza City. As a result of the attack, Ibrahim was killed and Rafeq sustained a bullet injury to his right leg.
Al Mezan condemns the IOF’s deliberate attacks against Palestinian civilians in the border areas. These attacks raise questions as to Israeli continuous violations of international humanitarian law in its treatment of Palestinian civilians, who are protected and must not be attacked. These attacks signal violations of articles (3) and (32) of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which prohibit attacks against life and bodily integrity, especially acts of killing of protected persons.
Al Mezan calls on State Parties to abide by their obligations as per article (146) of the Fourth Geneva Convention and to exert pressure on Israel to cease its attacks against civilians in the Gaza Strip and ensure enforcement of international law standards and respect for the Fourth Geneva Convention.