Wednesday, February 6, 2013

International Day of Action for the Boycott of Israeli Agricultural Products

A Day of Solidarity with Palestinian Farmers and Fishermen
On Wednesday 6th of February at 10 a.m. in the Gaza port, the Union of Agricultural Work Committees and International Action for Palestine, invite you to a press conference announcing the International Day of Action in solidarity with Palestinian farmers and fishermen on Saturday 9th February. The Day of Action, called by Palestinian agricultural organisations and the Palestinian BDS National Committee, will launch worldwide boycott campaigns of Israeli agricultural products and corporations, in light of their deep complicity in Israel’s ongoing violations of international law and Palestinian human rights. Thousands of people around the world in dozens of countries will participate on the 9th February and Gaza will host events to support the campaigns throughout the week. 
At the press conference several organisations, fishermen and farmers will speak first-hand on the impact of the incessant aggression and blockade on the livelihoods of Gazan farmers and fishermen, and ask people of conscience in Gaza and beyond to boycott, divest and sanction from Israeli agricultural products. We´ll also present the events that will be organized in the following days, prior to the International Day of Action on Saturday.
The conference will also include the public presentation of International Action for Palestine, a group formed by international volunteers that works closely with Palestinian organizations and individuals to support the rights of farmers, fishermen and ordinary citizens in the face of Israeli occupation.
After the press conference fishermen and activists will participate in an action in the port. Fishermen and farmers will be also available for interviews after the event is finished.
Events of the Week
Wednesday 6th February: Press conference in Gaza´s Port. Presentation of International Action for Palestine group to the public, and action with fishermen.
Thursday 7th February: Rally/march through Gaza City.
Friday 8th February: Interviews with local media (radio, TV).
Any media interested should contact us through the numbers given below.
Saturday 9th February: March with farmers near the buffer zone, planting of olive trees.