Tuesday, January 29, 2013

IOF Opens Fire at Palestinian and International Solidarity Activists Northeast of Beit Hanoun

Al Mezan


At approximately 11:10 am on Tuesday 29 January 2013, Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) opened heavy and sporadic fire at a number of Palestinian farmers, activists from Local Initiative Committee, and international solidarity activists who were in Ash-Sha’fa area near the separation fence between Gaza Strip and Israel northeast of Beit Hanoun. No casualties or injuries were reported. 
In his affidavit to Al Mezan, Saber Az-Za'aneen, Coordinator of the Local Initiative Committee,stated that he went as usual to that area to express his solidarity with Palestinian farmers. Eight international activists, including four women, wearing special clothes with reflectors accompanied him to that area. At approximately 10:15 am on the same day, they started to help a farmer to collect his harvest. They were about 400 meters away from the eastern separation fence when he saw two Israeli military jeeps stopped opposite them inside the Israeli border. They then heard shooting. They were terrified and left the area immediately.”