Friday, December 14, 2012

IOF Uses Live Fire and Tear Gas Canisters against Farmers and Young Palestinian Men East of Jabaliya

Al Mezan


At approximately 4:00 pm on Friday 14 December 2012, Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) opened fire with live ammunition and launched a number of tear gas canisters at Palestinian farmers and a group of young Palestinian men who were in Abu Safiya area near the eastern separation fence between Gaza Strip and Israel east of Jabliya. As a result two persons were injured. Al Mezan has identified them as follows:
  • Mu’men Mohammed Al ‘Abed Nowara, 19, sustained bullet wound in the right leg; and
  • Rami Mohammed Abu ‘Ameera, 19, was suffocated by inhaling tear gas.
Medical sources at Al Awda Hospital described the injury of Nowara as moderate and referred him to Shifa Hospital in Gaza.