Thursday, June 14, 2012

A warning against Israeli attempts to create a buffer zone along the Gaza border

GAZA,(PIC)-- A Palestinian human rights organization warned against the disastrous effects of the Israeli attempts to declare a buffer zone north-east of the Gaza Strip, depriving the Palestinian farmers from their land and crops.
The occupation forces broke into Southeast Salq Valley in central Gaza, on Tuesday, accompanied by ten bulldozers, and eight tanks under intense fire.
Mizan Human Rights Center condemned in statement on Wednesday the sweep of agricultural lands in east Salq Valley village in the Gaza Strip and the continuous daily attacks in the border areas by the occupation forces.
The center condemned the continuing daily attacks by the occupation forces in the border areas, or what is known as restricted access areas, pointing out that the occupation forces are aiming, through bulldozing operations to create a distance of about 1500 meters along the border gradually, at the expense of the Gaza Strip residents.