Sunday, January 29, 2012

IOF Arrests Two Young Men in Rafah

Al Mezan


At approximately 8:30 pm on Sunday 29 January 2012, the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) arrested two young Palestinian men while they were east of Gaza International Airport, east of Rafah, and took them to unknown location.  Al Mezan has identified the two arrested men as:

·         Hajjaj Yousif As-Swofi, 21; and
·         Ahmed Hussein Abu ‘Azra, 20.

Both are from Ash-Shoka village, east of Rafah. Relatives of As-Swofi informed Al Mezan that at approximately 8:00 am on Monday 30 January 2012, Ahmed As-Swofi, Hajjaj’s cousin, received a call on his cell phone informing him that Hajaj and Ahmed were being held by Israeli intelligence at Ashkelon prison.