Thursday, May 5, 2011

PCHR weekly report 28/4 -4/5/2011: 4 civilians injured including 2 children. 1 civilian imprisoned

extracts from PCHR weekly report 28/4 -4/5/2011:

IOF continued artillery shelling in border areas in the Gaza Strip
-Four Palestinian civilians, including two children and a woman, were wounded in the east of Gaza Valley village.
-A house was damaged.

A Palestinian civilian from the Gaza Strip was arrested in mysterious circumstances. 

Thursday, 28 April 2011

At approximately 21:10, IOF stationed on the border in the east of Gaza Valley village (Juhor al-Dik) fired six shells at the house of Jaber Ismail Abu Said, 66. Four shells hit the house directly. Four persons, including two children and a woman, were wounded as a result.  The area of the targeted house measures 100 square meters.  Two families composed of 10 members, including 5 children, live in the house which is approximately 400 meters far from the border. 

The wounded are:
1. Sanaa Ahmed Abu Said, 25, who sustained shrapnel wounds in the right leg.
2. Alaa Addin Naser Abu Said, 10, who sustained shrapnel wounds in the neck and the abdomen.
3. Misa Naser Abu Said, 5, who sustained bruises in the chest and the abdomen.
4. Mohammed Jaber Abu Said, 27, who sustained shrapnel wounds in the face. 

It should be noted that ambulances managed to have access to the scene approximately 30 minutes after the shelling, after having coordination with the Israeli side via the ICRC.  The ambulances evacuated the wounded and the residents of the house.  It should be noted that earlier, the house was under IOF shelling on 13 July 2010 when the wife of Abu Said's son, Naser Jaber Abu Said, was killed and another three persons, including two women and the house owner, were wounded.  

Sunday, 01 May 2011

At approximately 15:00, Israeli occupation authorities informed Khalil Mousa Issa al-Silawi, 41, that his son, Khaled Khalil al-Silawi, 21, is detained in Ashkelon prison in Beersheba in Israel. Al-Silawi said that his son was missing on Saturday, 30 April 2011, and they searched for him until they were informed about his detention. He also said that the Israeli occupation authorities asked him to appoint a lawyer for his son. They also told him that his son is denied visitation right until 08 May 2011. Silawi indicated that he does not know any detail as to how his son was captured by the Israeli occupation authorities.