Sunday, September 12, 2010

IOF Fire Artillery Shells north east of Beit Hanoun; Three Farmers Killed


At app. 5:15pm on Sunday 12 September 2010, Israeli occupation forces (IOF) fired five artillery shells at three Palestinian farmers who were in their lands at the Shurab area north east of Beit Hanoun, 300 meters from the separation fence. As a result, an elderly farmer, Ibrahim Abdullah Abu Es'ayid, 91, his grandson Hosam Khalid Abu Es'ayid, 17, and Ismail Waleed Abu Owda, 20, were killed.
According to Al Mezan's field investigations, Abu Es'ayid and his grandson were in their lands west of the Shabat family land which northern borders are located in the Israeli declared security buffer zone (an area that extends to 300 meters from the border alongside the separation fences between Gaza and Israel). Abu Es'ayid was 350 meters from the separation fence and Abu Owda was in his land, west of the Abu Es'ayid family’s land, when the IOF fired artillery shells at them. Thirty minutes later, Abu Es'ayid and Abu Owda were admitted to the hospital. Medics found the dead body of the child more than an hour after the shelling.