Friday, September 4, 2009

Teenage Gazan farmer critically injured as Israeli forces open fire

Published yesterday (updated) 05/09/2009 10:02

Gaza - Ma’an - A Palestinian child was critically injured by Israeli forces after they opened fire on farmers in the northern Gaza Strip town of Bait Hanoun.

Medical sources at the Ash-Shifa hospital in Gaza City identified the child as 13-year-old Ghazi Maher Ghazi Az-Za’anin. They said he sustained critical injuries to the head and was transferred to the intensive care unit.

Locals said the boy was injured when Israeli soldiers deployed from a nearby military post east of the Al-Amal neighborhood in the town. They said forces opened fire on a car of farmers en route to their land near the Green Line, the border between Gaza and Israel. The child was in the car.

The Israeli army said they were investigating the report.