Thursday, October 9, 2008

ISM Gaza: Olive harvest on the Green Line

Posted on the ISM webpage on: October 9, 2008

9th October 2008, Beit Hanoun, Northern Gaza Strip

On the 9th October, members of ISM Gaza supported an action organised by a Palestinian youth group called The Local Initiative.

Film by Fida Qishta. Language editing by ISM Gaza

Olive farmers were accompanied onto their land, situated extremely close to the Green Line, under the shadow of several Israeli watchtowers. Palestinian and international activists worked alongside local farmers to bring in the 2008 harvest. Farmers in this area have been denied access to their land by Israeli occupation forces and vast numbers of their trees (150,000 - 200,000) have been destroyed.

However, on this day farmers were able to reach their groves and successfully harvest their olives, fulfilling their basic human right to produce food for their families and their communities.