Monday, April 2, 2012

IOF Drops Warning Leaflets North of Beit Lahiya

Al Mezan


At approximately 6:00 am on Monday 2 April 2012, Israeli jets dropped warning leaflets over areas near the border north of Beit Lahiya in North Gaza district.  One leaflet includes a map of North Gaza, Gaza City, and Deir Al Balah districts.  The leaflet also includes statements about launching of rockets against Israel and assisting the Palestinian factions.  It threatens that Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) will respond with force to anyone who approaches the separation fence between Gaza and Israel.  The second leaflet threatens that the IOF will open fire on anyone who approaches to within a distance of 300 meters from the border fence.  The leaflet states that “anyone who approaches the fence will be forced back by all means, including opening fire…  He who warns is excused.”