Sunday, May 15, 2011

IOF Open Fires at Civilians Protestors Marking Palestinian Nakba East of Khan Younis


At approximately 3pm on Sunday 15 May 2011, Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) opened fire at protestors as they were marching on the 63rd anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba, which marks the mass, forced displacement of Palestinians in 1948 when the State of Israel was created. The protestors were near the separation fence between Gaza Strip and Israel east of Abasan and Bani Suhaila villages, east of Khan Younis district. As a result, two persons were injured. Al Mezan identified their names as follows:
  • Mohammed Jaser Abu Mustafa, 21, sustained injury in the right leg; and
  • Belal Mohammed Radwan, 19, sustained two bullets in the right leg.
Medical sources at European Gaza Hospital described their injuries as moderate.