Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another Israeli Limited Incursion into the Wadi Gaza Village


At app. 9am on Wednesday 15 September 2010, four Israeli tanks and two armored bulldozers moved about 300 meters into the northeast of the Wadi Gaza Village. Bulldozers leveled land in the area. The forces took position in the vicinity of the solid waste dump and withdrew at 5:30pm on the same day. 
In the same context, at app. 2pm on Tuesday 14 September 2010, two Israeli tanks and three armored bulldozers moved about 300 meters into the west of the same village. The force took position near the same dump. At app. 5pm on the same day, the force, backed by two helicopters and a reconnaissance drone, fired four artillery shells at the village. As a result, one person was critically injured. Stores belonging to the Gaza municipality in north of the village were partially damaged in the same attack. At 6pm on the same day, the IOF force withdrew from the area.