Thursday, June 17, 2010

Limited IOF Incursion north the As-Saiafa area in Beit Lahyia


At app. 8am on Thursday 17 June 2010, ten Israeli tanks and bulldozers moved amid sporadic heavy fire about 150 meters north of the As-Saifa area, which is located northwest of Beit Lahyia, in North Gaza District. The Israeli bulldozers leveled the lands in the area. These lands are filled with  coarse gravel that the IOF had left during Operation Cast Lead as they erected a military site in that area. The IOF then carried the coarse gravel  inside the separation fence to prevent the Palestinian civilians from reaching the area and collecting theses sheets. In the evening hours on the same day, the IOF withdrew from the area. In the last days, the IOF opened fire more than once on everyone who enters that area.