Saturday, May 9, 2009

Resisting the Zionist Gun: Letaemat 09/05/2009

Letaemat, East of Khan Younis, The Gaza Strip, Palestine, 9th May 2009

Palestinian farmers and human rights workers from the International Solidarity Movement come under fire from Israeli troops.

The farmers from Letaemat in the southern Gaza Strip are harvesting crops on Palestinian land in the "buffer zone". Israeli soldiers, as a matter of policy and from positions on their side of the Green Line, shoot at anyone within this area.

On this occassion, many shots were fired into the air, and some just over the heads of the farmers. Finally, the soldiers having failed to sufficiently intimidate the farmers got into their jeeps and left.

Typically their "warning shots" come dangerously close, and occassionally the intent is to kill or maim.